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Testimonial by Michael Cannon:

I have for you a story about what a bunch of fabulous professionals you and your people are.

First, I'm from Atlanta and my wife and I go to the Atlanta Clinic on Tuesday evenings for the ecise class.

We think the world and all of Kathy, Sally and Lisa. They have earned our respect and that of everyone they have come in contact with.

My oldest nephew,  a 31 year-old US Army Sergeant First Class (Tim Wehner stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma) had a double hernia operation in mid-April and casually mentioned this to me while he was off-duty and recovering.

I asked him what the Army had recommended in the way of working his way back to health (he is a drill instructor)...and he told me, "Actually, not much of anything....except to rest for two weeks."

So, I asked Kathy Mulherin if she knew what he might do...and she told me right away, "I do not know what to recommend. This one is out of my realm of expertise. However, you should contact Pete or Michael at the San Diego (Del Mar) location and see what they say."

How many people will admit that they "don't know something?" I have enormous respect for professionals that know their limitations and will defer to someone of greater experience... This is an example, to me, of the highest order of professionalism.

I figured that you would be way too busy...though having listened to your radio show for over a year now...I know for sure that if you were available you would have helped my nephew without so much as batting an eye...so I did the next best thing...I asked for one of your people to help me, Michael Bellofatto, as Kathy Mulherin had suggested if you were not available.

I spoke with Michael and gave him some background on my nephew...and he suggested that I have my nephew call him directly. I mentioned to Michel that I wanted him to bill me for the costs of doing this and he told me, "there will not be a bill."

My instincts told me he was going to get this lad help and not bill a combat veteran (...Tim's had two combat tours in Afghanistan and one in Iraq, he is on his way back to a combat unit in November after finishing his tour as a drill instructor, to redeploy to Iraq the first of January 09.)

I know you recall what it's like to carry a rifle, a ruck, ammo pouches, canteens, hand gun, web-gear loaded with grenades, knife and anything else to keep you alive...and these guys carry more than we did...up to 100 lbs including their armor, personal radio gear, night vision goggles... etc...

I was therefore, afraid that if he didn't heal properly...his abdomen would give out on him when he needed to move the most....and the potential for a personal disaster for him or one or more of his men could be very real.....

So, I contacted my nephew and had him call Michael right away. He and Michael spoke and Michael told him he'd be sending him a menu of exercises by email...

Michael did as he said he would and my nephew contacted me to tell me he was doing the E-cises and said they helped him right away...

I have sent him a copy of Pain Free and told him to, "read the first three chapters...and..." ...From what I gather, he's read the entire book.

Anyway, Pete, I wanted to tell you personally something you already know...but that you need to hear as often as possible...that you employ only the finest people our nation has to offer.

Everyone I have come in contact with in your organization is a class act and you should be very proud of them....as you have indeed accomplished the most important basic business tenant of all, "duplicating yourself."

Former President Ronald Reagan said it best when he said to Marines about Marines...."Some people go through life and wonder if they have made a difference. Marines don't have that problem."

I should like to amend that to read..."Marines and Egoscue Therapists don't have that problem." What you all do not only makes people's lives better, you also contribute to saving lives. There is no higher calling than that.

Would you please thank Michael Bellofatto and Ms. Kathy for me...and while you're at it....how about a big pat on the back for yourself.


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