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Testimonial by John Elder:



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...I am so much better than I was five months ago when I first started the Egoscue exercises that it is almost a miracle. The genius of Pete Egoscue and his system literally gave me my life back when everything else had failed. (This is an excerpt of full testimonial. Click here to read full letter)

- Sharon

...[Denver Pain Free] has brought balance to my body and I am functioning symbiotically with all my joints.  My running is back to pain free.   I now look forward to trying to regain my speed that I lost during these years nursing my Achilles and believe that my stride will be more efficient which will help me gain strength and speed.

I can't tell you what a miracle this seems to be.  I had resigned that this was a part of aging and am thrilled it is not so.

- John E.

...Former President Ronald Reagan said it best when he said to Marines about Marines...."Some people go through life and wonder if they have made a difference. Marines don't have that problem."

I should like to amend that to read..."Marines and Egoscue Therapists don't have that problem." What you all do not only makes people's lives better, you also contribute to saving lives. There is no higher calling than that. (This is an excerpt of full testimonial. Click here to read full letter)

- Michael C.

...As a golfer and photographer, my back is critical to my work and it takes a beating daily. after a period of disk problems, egoscue has put me back in top form and keeps me in the game.

even if you think your back is fine, it isn't. if you have a desk job, eventually you will need to see the back doctor. go now, and postpone the chronic back pains of later life that creep up and make things miserable. my MRI and back doctor had nothing but gloomy news for me. a golfer friend referred me here and i am now better than i've been in ages.

Seriously. these guys are unbelievable. (This is an excerpt of full testimonial. Click here to read full letter)

- Andrew C.

...I really appreciate your willingness to listen and work with me as my body continues to adapt to better balance and alignment. I am impressed with your knowledge base and ability to transfer this knowledge into effective learning and improvement on my part. I am grateful for all that you have done for me and look forward continuing to access your expertise when my body calls, as I am sure it will!! After all, I have sixty years of musculo-skelatal habit to transform. I truly wish I had known of Egoscue years ago. I will continue to recommend your Denver Painfree Clinic to others who would benefit from your services.(This is an excerpt of full testimonial. Click here to read full letter)

- Dale M.

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