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Testimonial by Dale McCoy:

Three years ago this March I had already had one back operation and was in consultation with my neuro-surgeon about having L-4 & 5 fused to relieve the pain, numbness and tingling in my left buttocks, thigh and foot I was experiencing any time I stood or walked for more than a minute or so. A friend recommended I look into the Egoscue method for dealing with pain. I read the book, Pain Free, and found it made good sense. It was then that I contacted you amd began working with you to address the musculo-skeletal dysfunctions causing my pain. Your assessments and explanations for re-aligning and balancing my musculo-skeletal system have been very clear and easy to understand. The exercise menus you have prescribed have produced very positive results, not only for my lower back, but also for my upper back, shoulders and hips. I have little problem going shopping now and daily go for walks of two to five miles.

I really appreciate your willingness to listen and work with me as my body continues to adapt to better balance and alignment. I am impressed with your knowledge base and ability to transfer this knowledge into effective learning and improvement on my part. I am grateful for all that you have done for me and look forward continuing to access your expertise when my body calls, as I am sure it will!! After all, I have sixty years of musculo-skelatal habit to transform. I truly wish I had known of Egoscue years ago. I will continue to recommend your Denver Painfree Clinic to others who would benefit from your services.

Take care and best wishes,


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