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Testimonial by Andrew C.:

my catchphrase is "seriously, this is unbelievable!" for a reason. i love to write about exceptional places and experiences. very good and very bad are my favorites.

this is a very, very good place to know about, especially if you have a problem with chronic back pain.

pete egoscue is the rarest physiotherapist: one who starts with the whole human being's lifestyle and treats that human being's pain problems with physical therapies to heal the whole body organically and intelligently. he also kept jack nicklaus healthy all those years on the PGA tour.

for $1,500 (i know, that sounds a lot, but trust me, it's more than worth it and less than the cost of an MRI or two visits to a back surgeon) you get eight weeks of one-on-one training, a personal exercise regimen, eight two-hour clinic sessions (including video analysis with pete's clinic in san diego), pete's book "pain free" and most important of all, a healthy, happy back again.

based on the principles of alignment, you do exercises that no gym would ever think to offer you and slowly put your musculoskeletal system back to where it was before you started working at a computer, driving a car and loafing in front of TV for fifteen hours a day. precise motion, static stretches and strengthening exercises awaken muscular systems long dormant and rebalance the spine and its limbs.

as a golfer and photographer, my back is critical to my work and it takes a beating daily. after a period of disk problems, egoscue has put me back in top form and keeps me in the game.

even if you think your back is fine, it isn't. if you have a desk job, eventually you will need to see the back doctor. go now, and postpone the chronic back pains of later life that creep up and make things miserable. my MRI and back doctor had nothing but gloomy news for me. a golfer friend referred me here and i am now better than i've been in ages.

seriously. these guys are unbelievable.


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