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You Deserve to Live Pain Free!

Pain is a message from your body.  Good doctors and therapists understand this--the problem is often that they don't speak the language of the pain.  Denver Pain Free therapists know the language and use a unique, non-medical and non-invasive form of pain relief to help pull the body back into alignment.  The result?    A pain free lifestyle.   Our philosophy is, "It is your body---listen to it and we'll help you understand what it is saying." 

You will learn to see what is out of alignment and feel the changes in your body. As you begin to learn The Method you will have the power to heal what currently challenges you and prevent future pain aliments.

The Denver Pain Free staff was part of the original Egoscue clinics to open in 2003.  They have studied under Pete Egoscue and Brian Bradley from The Egoscue Method and University in San Diego.  The therapists are certified Posture Alignment Specialists, Accredited Exercise Therapists and hold degrees in Kinesiology.

Were you injured?  Are you:

  • Frustrated by months or years of pain?
  • Mad about spending time and money on treatments that did not work to relieve your suffering?
  • Worried how this will impact your life long term?

Denver Pain free may be able to help...

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