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Denver Pain Free therapists use a unique non medical and non invasive form of pain relief, created by Pete Egoscue, to help pull the body back into alignment resulting in a pain free lifestyle.   Our philosophy is, its your body, listen to it and we'll help you understand what it is trying to say. You will learn to see what is out of alignment and feel the changes in your body. As you begin to learn The Method you will have the power to prevent future pain aliments.

The Denver Pain Free staff was part of the original Egoscue clinics to open in 2003.  They have studied under Pete Egoscue and Brian Bradley from The Egoscue Method and University in San Diego.  The therapists are certified Posture Alignment Specialists, Accredited Exercise Therapists and hold degrees in Kinesiology.

A Letter from Renee Cherry, Denver Pain Free Clinic Director

"I was first introduced to the Egoscue Method while looking for a career and quickly realized the method had so much more to offer than just employment – it's an effective way of improving the quality of life for many individuals.

My mother was in a severe car accident when she was younger, so I have always known my mom to be in some sort of pain. While at home in Michigan I knew something was wrong when my mom was crying because she could not get out of bed. She ended up having emergency back surgery, which was an attempt to relieve a sudden impinged nerve, and enduring many years of physical therapy with little noticeable relief.

When I discovered the Egoscue Method and learned of the success stories, I devoted my training skills as an Egoscue Therapist to my mom and I continue to do so today. Recently my mother called me, just to say "thank you" for helping her and to say that without me she would not be able to move in the mornings. This method is a sure success.

I know first-hand what it is like to experience pain that alters everyday life. I endured a traumatic injury in 1996 and was told that I would never be able to play sports again, let alone have an enjoyable quality of life. I went to Physical Therapy for two years and was able to walk and run but had debilitating back pain with daily and persistent headaches for a year. When I was told I would have to learn to live like this, I thought, "this is my life and I had better live it." And I did live with this pain for over ten years – I endured headaches that would render me bedridden for hours and back pain that would often result in me lying on the ground, unable to find relief. Chronic pain was such a part of my daily life that I only noticed it when it on those instances when it became simply unbearable. After practicing the Egoscue method for several months, my headaches were not as severe, and my snowboarding even improved! I attended a family reunion and even my family, whom I seldom see, noticed that I looked different!

I have a passion to help people live without pain and believe it is important to recognize that the human body has a great ability to heal and revive."

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